Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Classical Conversations Practicum 2015

It's that time of year again - heat, humidity, AND helpful Homeschooling conferences.

As a family that has homeschooled for 13 years, it is quite unusual that I have never been to a homeschooling conference. It's almost unbelievable. But, to be honest, conferences overwhelm me. Hundreds of people all in one place and hours of sitting in seminars and lectures just isn't my cup of tea. Since I am not an auditory learner, listening to amazing speakers does not necessarily do much for me. They may be the best in their field of study. They may have the highest of credentials. They may be sought after world wide. However, I personally do much better in learning from them in the quiet of my own home with a snack and a beverage cuddled up in a favorite blanket reading their words and taking notes on what I've read. This is how I learn and retain best. So, when our family joined a Classical Conversations group two years ago and I agreed to be a tutor, I was a little concerned to find out that I was required to attend Practicum Tutor Training each year.

This summer, at this moment in time, I am currently attending and enjoying my third year of tutor training seminars. The group is small enough that I feel comfortable. The training tutor is just one of us - a commoner you might say - who has been tasked with relaying and reviewing what it means to be a CC tutor and how we go about "tutoring" our class of Foundation or Essential students. These seminars are 3 afternoons of enjoyable conversation and interaction with other tutors who also love to share their love of learning. I have found that the other tutors attending the training are warm, kind, and humble people. Spending 3 days with them each summer has been a pleasure. And, I leave having learned something new each time. I've gained new ideas to put to use in my classroom each year. I also have met and begun new acquaintances and friendships with others who believe the way I do about educating our children and who can walk this journey beside me - even if only through exchanges of email questions and helpful answers.

Attending Classical Conversations Practicum is a joy. It's a little break in the summer heat and humidity to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of other helpful homeschooling moms just like me.