Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tutorial: Easy Tin Whistle Storage

It's about time for Classical Conversation students' 6 weeks of tin whistle study.  When we began CC two years ago, someone suggested a "sleeping bag" for the whistle in order to keep it protected and also to be used in class to keep it put away until the tutor was ready for the students to get them out.

Last year, I was able to make a bunch of these "sleeping bags" out of pieces of felt for my CC Community. It was an easy project which the parents and kids loved; so I've decided to share a tutorial on how to make them.

Step One: Buy several pieces of the 9 x 11 more or less rectangles of various colors of felt found in the arts and crafts section at local stores such as K-Mart and Wal-Mart. Each piece will make 2 "sleeping bags."

Step Two: Cut the felt rectangle in half long ways so that you now have two long rectangular pieces of felt.

Step 3: With a complimentary color of felt, cut out strips or wavy pieces of felt to use as a pattern on the "sleeping bag".

 Step 4: Sew the complimentary colored pattern pieces onto the half piece of felt.

Step 5: Fold the half rectangle piece in half long ways with the pattern/complimentary color on the inside. Sew the edge of the bag and the bottom of the bag, leaving the top open.

Step 6: Once sewn, turn inside out. You should now have a long, thin rectangle case with a pattern on it.

Step 7: To make a cover clasp, cut a 1" x 2" strip of the complimentary color of felt. Sew this piece onto the inside top of the "sleeping bag".

Step 8: Use a seam ripper tool to cut a button hole in the top portion of the strip that you just sewed into the bag.

Step 9: Sew a button on to secure the closure flap.

Step 10: Surprise your kiddos with this cute protective case for their tin whistle.


  1. Love this tutorial! Thank you for sharing on C3. Plan to make these next week for my kids. Just in time for our Tin Whistle portion of CC! Blessings

  2. These are so cute!


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