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"I'm so glad I took the Essentials Class!"
(a review from a very pleased young writer)
September 2014

Last year was my first year as a CC Essentials tutor.  I knew I would love it because I have always loved writing and language. Recently, one of my first year students told me how much she loved it and agreed to share her opinions with you here. It was a pleasure to have Kate in class and a pleasure to teach such an eager writer. Here is what she had to say about Essentials.

"I think Essentials has helped my writing because I read a mystery book that I had started to write 2 years ago and thought it was terrible! Then, I read one of my more recent papers and said, "This is way better than that other one. That one is just junk!" - Kate

Thank you, Kate, for sharing why Essentials is important to you.

Praise for Practicum
July 2014

Just this past week, I was able to finish my second Practicum. I attend twice so that I can be a part of both Foundations and Essentials tutor training.  Being considered a veteran homeschooler, it is surprising to many that I have never gone to a homeschooling conference.  I'm not a conference kind of gal. I don't like big crowds of people. I don't like being overwhelmed with 100s of curriculum options to choose from. My preference is to read books, research online or watch podcasts and webinars in the comfort and quiet of my own home. So, when my family started CC and I found out that it was required for me as a tutor to attend Practicum, I was not sure exactly how I felt about it.
Now, 2 summers and 4 practicums later, I love it! I look forward to it! It was priority on our summer calendar. I cannot tell you how a Classical Conversation practicum compares or contrasts with homeschool conventions, but I can tell you why I personally enjoy it.

The topics that are chosen for practicum are fascinating.

The information that is shared is useful.
Practicum helps me understand the classical educational process that I have chosen for our homeschool.
Practicum is encouraging - sitting with all those other parents who are on the same educational path and working toward the same educational results is inspiring!
Practicum keeps me focused on the main thing.
Practicum is refreshing.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to attend the CC practicum this summer, be sure and make it a priority. Your homeschooling will benefit. You will be encouraged. You will learn, and I hope you come to love it like I do.

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